The Rifles - Turban All Ranks (Price for Material is per 5 Metres)


*This is sold as fabric not an actual turban - You will recieve 5 metres

By whom worn

Turbans may be worn by all Sikhs serving in the British Army with all orders of dress.


The pagri and pag is to be provided locally at public expense on a scale of four turbans per soldier - two to match the Forage Cap colours to be worn in No 1 Dress and No 2 Dress (ceremonial) and 2 to match the beret or other appropriate headdress worn in barracks and training.

Cap Badges and Back Badges:

Cap Badge OR's (Vertical hook)
Back Badge (Silver Gilded Metal) on No1 Dress equivalent Turban

*This item is sold as fabric only not an actual turban in 5m lengths