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General Sir Patrick Sanders

Rifles Direct is our own, bespoke online shop; providing Riflemen with a selection of clothing and equipment that is brand compliant, high quality and good value. I know that their excellent service and enthusiasm in helping The Rifles is gratefully received by all ranks and I look forward to it continuing.

Official RIFLES Store

Over £50,000 returned to Regimental Trust from profit share of RIFLES Direct orders used to support the welfare and benevolence activities of the Regiment.

About Rifles Direct

Introduction from RIFLES RHQ

Riflemen are issued with a considerable amount of kit by the army when they join, but they also want and need additional accessories that RIFLES Direct has been equipping them with for the past 14 years. Rifles Direct is responsive, cost effective and understands what our Riflemen require, be it combat clothing, sports kit, headdress, swords, books and paintings. The company complies with MOD guidance when trading with our cap badge, unlike some others and there is a profit share arrangement in place that returns money to RHQ to allocate back to the Regiment. RHQ RIFLES

Formed in 2007, Rifles Direct is the official e-commerce website of The Rifles Regiment.
All items selected and contained within the site have been formally approved and signed off by the regiment.
The operation of the site is the responsibility of AMMO & Company Ltd to whom these responsibilities have been outsourced.
The operation is managed by joint Rifles and AMMO committee who will ensure that what is on offer is relevant to all Rifles.

The profit share of sales will come from AMMO & Company Ltd to the Regimental Trust and be used to support the welfare and benevolence activities of the Regiment.

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