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Rifles Regimental Sword (Sword only)

By Bermejo

Rifles Pattern Sword

The Rifles Regimental sword has been manufactured to full MOD specifications:

Blade: A forged steel blade which has been hardened to ca.48-52 deg HRC Rockwell, then well tempered. It has been hand polished, and acid etched with the Rifles regimental pattern. The acid etch is so deep it can be felt with a finger nail. Dimension of the blade is ca. 825 x 6 x 25 mm.

Guard: Pierced steel guard, hand polished and nickel plated. Cap made of brass, which has been nickel plated with regimental crest.

Grip: Handle has been covered with genuine sharkskin, and wrapped with 3 silver wires.

Backpiece -Brass casting polished and nickel-plated

Grip - Wooden core covered in fish skin. 3 strand Grip wire silver plated.

Ferrule -Mild steel polished and nickel-plated

Under nut- Mild steel Natural

Pommel nut -Brass polished and nickel-plated

Buff- Leather Black