Exped 100% Waterproof Bergan 1 x 140L & 2 x 13L Pocket Liners - Olive

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SKU: EXP/7640120-115692 Exped

The Exped Bergen and Pocket liners are custom Exped products for the military. The set consists of 3 fold dry bags for waterproofing a standard Bergen and side pockets.  The main dry bag is 140 Litres which is enough to take a full Bergen load and still be rolled down and closed to make it waterproof. The side pockets are 13 Litres each, again to take a full load and still be closed properly.

  • 1 x 140Ltr Main bergen liner
  • 2 x 13Ltr Side pouch liner


The Exped dry bags are a popular and proven piece of military kit. They are made in a large range of sizes to fit all your kit. The dry bags allow you to organise your kit whilst keeping it dry. Lightweight and flexible 100% waterproof nylon Roll top closure