The Rifles Charities exist to provide support to our Riflemen as well as members of all our antecedent regiments.

Our wounded, and the families of those who have been killed in action need comfort and support now and for many years to come.  This will require substantial funds to enable us to help them and the Care for Casualties Appeal has been set up as an appeal within the Rifles Regimental Trust.  Please visit the website at


You can help our Rifles heroes who have given so much for our security in the following ways:

Make a one off or a monthly donation through the Rifles Charities Just Giving site at: . Donations made in this manner are highly cost efficient for Rifles Charities and attract gift aid. As a result even a small monthly donation of £2.00 nets the Charities £2.50 at no extra cost to the giver.

Start a Fundraising Project such as a sponsored run or swim or even a fundraising event like an auction or a Barbecue.

In addition to collecting funds yourself you can create a Just Giving page on the Rifles Just Giving site for your event so that people can donate via your efforts direct to the Rifles Charities. See below for links to posters and other widgets to help you publicise your project.

Make a donation through a legacy or by a one off donation

Please contact the RHQ The Rifles on 01962 828530 or email [email protected]


Resources to help publicise:

Make  a donation via TEXT

Text CARE04 and the amount you would like to donate (e.g. CARE04 £10) to 70070